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Quinn Family 25th Anniversary

12th July 2023

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the arson attack in Ballymoney which killed three young Quinn brothers – Richard, Mark, and Jason – on 12th July 1998, WAVE presented the family with a plaque for the cemetery with this poem written by their Mother:-

My Three Candles

Richard, Mark and Jason

My HEART still aches in sadness

My secret tears still flow

For what it meant to lose you all

No-one will ever know

Remembering you all is easy

I do it every day

It’s the heartache of losing you

That will never go away

Time may have passed from losing you

But time froze for me the day you died

Now all I have is memories

And your pictures in a frame

Though your memories are a keep sake

With which I will never part

You are my precious boys

And remain living in my heart

Richard, Mark and Jason, Mummy and brother Lee love you all very much.

In Remembrance from WAVE Trauma