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Advocacy & Casework

We provide practical and emotional support to families who wish to pursue outstanding legacy issues.

For many families and individuals bereaved and injured by The Troubles, truth, justice & acknowledgement is a vital part of recovering health and wellbeing.

In keeping with WAVE’s holistic ethos, we provide practical and emotional support to families who wish to pursue outstanding legacy issues.

We believe that the provision of advocacy and support to families engaging in statutory processes is vital.

Your Wave Journey

Three simple steps

  • Assessment by the ‘Outreach’ team

  • Client/member is provided with an Outreach Caseworker

  • Same Outreach Caseworker throughout your time at WAVE, be that weeks, months or years.

WAVE Trauma

How we can help

We assist families & individuals by providing them with advice & guidance about the different methods available to them to retrieve information about their bereavement or injury.

We recognise that institutions such as the Police Ombudsman, PSNI and any bodies that may replace them are important mechanisms for obtaining truth and accountability.

We can walk with you through the process to ensure your voice is heard.

We will help you obtain as much information as possible, as a means of challenging unfounded rumours or misinformation about your bereavement or injury, examine any available documentary evidence and ensure that the review or investigation that is conducted keeps the victim and the wishes of the victim’s family as its focus.

The advice & guidance we offer:

Communicate, in plain language, by telephone, in writing and on a face to face basis regarding the work required as cases progress;

Ensure that you are fully aware of the likely outcomes, timescales and risks involved;

Prepare for meetings relevant to your case, accompany you to advocate on your behalf with staff & investigators involved in the case;

Assist in responding to correspondence or reports received from other bodies and organisations;

Help you to articulate the questions you want to ask and work with you to get comprehensive answers;

Assist you to apply for records relating to your case.

Wave Trauma

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