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WAVE Stories

The WAVE Trauma Centre are pleased to launch Stories from Silence, an online storytelling project.  It documents the stories of those who were bereaved or injured during the Troubles/Conflict in Northern Ireland.

Many of these stories were simply known up to now among family and friends but were seldom heard in wider society. It is a privilege, and  very moving, to hear the voices of those bereaved or hurt telling their own stories.

As Northern Ireland continues to make the transition from violent conflict to peaceful democracy we believe it is important that these stories are not lost. They highlight the human cost of  conflict.  They insist that atrocities like these should never be carried out again.

Phase one of the project, senior stories, was delivered by Laura Haydon and concentrates on the experiences of older people.

Phase two, loss of a child, was delivered by Susan McKay and documents the experiences of parents who lost children. A third chapter has recently been completed called loss of a parent, and more stories will be added as and when funding becomes available to do this important work.

WAVE would like to thank all those who participated, sharing with great courage their painful memories.  We hope this website will honour them, and help to ensure that their loved ones are remembered.