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Derry Londonderry Centre

The Derry Londonderry centre is located at 25-30 The Diamond, within the Main Square in the city centre.

The centre has a geographical catchment area which ranges from Derry/Londonderry city areas e.g. Galliagh and Creggan, Eglinton, Waterside to Limavady, Dungiven, Strabane, Plumbridge and North Donegal.

WAVE provides a continuum of trauma intervention services in relation to need, including Outreach Support, Counselling, Complementary Therapies, Welfare Advice, Advocacy and Trauma Education courses.

Many of the individuals accessing these services are not only trying to overcome their bereavement or injury but also living with the trauma of deprivation, poverty and exclusion.

Aileen Ui Bhaoill

Interim Project Manager Derry Londonderry

I have worked for WAVE since August 2005 in the Derry/Londonderry centre. Until May 2022 I was employed as an Outreach Case Worker before taking the post of Interim Project Manager of the Wave Derry/Londonderry center. I come from a Community Development and Addiction background and have completed two Postgraduate Diplomas in Trauma Studies at Queen's University and more recently at Cork University alongside a wide range of trauma training over my 17 ½ years working in this field. I am passionate about my work and the clients I work with and aim to support the Clients of Wave on their journey to healing and reconciliation.

The following support services are available from the Derry Londonderry WAVE centre each week:

Outreach Support by Caseworkers
- Monday-Friday
Counselling/ Psychotherapy
- Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Complementary Therapies
- Tuesday - Friday
Welfare & Advice
- Monday-Friday
Health & Wellbeing
- Programmes
Trauma Education
Wave Trauma

Need Support?

Should you require support or service, please call us at the Derry Londonderry Centre on

028 7126 6655