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1st November 2022

The 16th annual All Souls Silent Walk for the Disappeared will take place at Stormont at 12.30pm on Wednesday 2 November 2022.

Members of the Families of the Disappeared will walk from Carson’s Statue to the steps of Parliament Buildings where they will lay the black wreath with five white lilies representing those who have yet to be found: Joe Lynskey, Columba McVeigh, Robert Nairac, Seamus Maguire and Lisa Dorrian.

The Silent Walk has been held every year since 2007.

Father Paul Turley from Clonard and Father Joe Gormley from Derry will lead prayers.

A special prayer for the Disappeared has been written by Father Gormley in conjunction with members of the Families of the Disappeared.

The prayer will also be said by Archbishop Eamon Martin in Armagh and it will then be circulated to parishes across Ireland.


Speaking before the event Father Gormley said:

“The prayer is written as the time when the prospect of finding the victims is narrowing.

This is because those who have information are getting older and the death of a person who has information will inevitably mean that the prospects of the information becoming available diminish forever.

The prayer is written asking God through the Holy Spirit to allow those with information to be touched by God’s mercy so that they may know their own worth and dignity.

By truly experiencing God’s mercy they can be merciful to the Families of the Disappeared by contacting the Independent Commission for the Location of Victim’s Remains.

It is hoped that by praying the prayer everyone who does so is playing a huge part in dealing with our past.

They ask God’s Holy Spirit to directly touch the minds and hearts of people with information.

The prayer is written, not to condemn, but to inspire those with information to play a literally ground breaking contribution in ending the anguish of the Families of the Disappeared”.


Dr Sandra Peake CEO of the WAVE Trauma Centre, which organises the event said:

“It is important to show the ongoing plight of those who have yet to have the remains of their loved ones returned and to share the support and solidarity from those who have.

As the families walk in silence here the search goes on at Bragan Bog for Columba McVeigh.

We all fervently hope that Father Joe’s prayer is answered and Columba can be brought home to rest in peace with his mother and father’.


Speaking to the Irish Times at the beginning of October as the search at Bragan was about to start, Dympna Kerr, Columba’s sister made a heartfelt appeal for information that will lead to the recovery of the remains her brother.

“It would fulfil a promise that we made to our mother on her deathbed … her wish was that we’d get Columba, and to have him in the grave beside Daddy.

She didn’t get that wish, but it’s now to put him in the ground beside her and my Dad.

It would fulfil a dying woman’s wish.

Just do the right thing.

Do it while the search is going on, point them in the right direction.

We don’t need to know who these people are … all anybody cares about now is finding Columba.

They’re coming to the end of their life, like I am.

Do it, before it’s too late.”

In addition to Dympna Kerr, others contributing at the event will be Linda Pywell, sister of Brian McKinney whose remains were recovered in 1999 and Noel Evans, brother of Gerry Evans who was found in 2010.


Prayer for the return of The Disappeared

God our Father send your Holy Spirit to enlighten the minds and hearts of those people who can roll away the stone of sadness and anguish long suffered by the families of The Disappeared.

Help those who have information to experience their own worth in your sight through your mercy.

Then they can show mercy and enable the families of the disappeared to give their loved ones the dignity of a Christian burial for which they so painfully yearn.

We give thanks to God for those who have given information that has allowed the families to bring their loved ones home.

We make this prayer through Christ Our Lord.




Any information brought to the The Independent Commission for the Location of Victims’ Remains (ICLVR) is treated in the strictest confidence.

Confidential Phone Line:

Britain & Ireland International 00800 – 55585500 +353 1 602 8655