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One Day Workshop – Trauma and Victimology

17th December 2021

Tue 8 March – 10am to 4pm


This one-day workshop will examine the concept of victimhood following trauma through the lens of victimology. Victimology is the scientific study of the physical, emotional, and financial harm that people suffer because of illegal activities. Victimologists first and foremost investigate the victims’ plight. Some criminologists viewed the criminal and the victim as a dyad or a pair. However, victimology is not only interested in the clashes between victims and offenders. They also study the social reaction to victimisation. Victims are not all created equally! Perceptions of and expectations of victims’ impact on how we view and treat them. For example, consider the following categories of victims: sex worker victim of rape; drunken student victim of rape; elderly women victim of home invasion rape; private victim of banking collapse versus institutional victim of bankruptcy; or an informer killed by fellow terrorist group members versus victim of 9/11. Some victims are classed as ‘ideal’, innocent and pure, while others are seen as undeserving. This workshop will delve into the problems facing victims as they begin to deal with the impact of their trauma in a society, which may not accept their label of victimhood.