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30th October 2019

Check when your PIP award is ending!

It is important for recipients of Personal Independence Payments (PIP) to clarify when their award will end, as the system for ‘renewal’ is very different from that of the old Disability Living Allowance (DLA).’ Under DLA, 6 months before an award is due to end, claimants are sent a ‘renewal form.’ This provides the Department time to assess the new award and make a decision before the current award ends. PIP is different, how you ‘renew’ your claim depends on the ‘type’ of award you receive which will be one of the following:

  1. A short term award of PIP is where no review date is set by the Department as there is a likelihood of improvement in the condition. These clients will not be sent a PIP renewal form. Instead, 14 weeks before the current PIP award is due to expire they will receive a letter notifying them that their award is coming to an end and advising them that they can make a new claim if they wish. It is then up to the client to make a new telephone claim for PIP. A new PIP2 form will be issued for the claimant to complete and it is likely they will have to undergo a medical assessment.

It is extremely important to make the telephone claim as soon as you receive the letter, because it will take up to 3 months to process your new claim.  If you wait until your PIP award ends, you will have to wait for the processing of your claim, your payments will stop and this could affect extra premiums on your other benefits.  There is no guarantee that you will receive PIP again.  You can make a new claim sooner than 14 weeks – up to 6 months in advance of your claim ending.  However please note that the decision on the new claim for PIP could impact the remainder of your current award decreasing; increasing or stopping it altogether depending on the decision.

  1. The second type of award has a review date set as it is expected that the claimant may need future support on consideration of the following factors: the chronic nature of the condition, medication, history of the condition. These cases can be identified by checking page 2 of the PIP award letter under “Making sure the PIP you get is right,” and will state that the award will be reviewed 1 year before the end of the ward. 1 year- 6 months before the expiry of the award, claimant’s will automatically be sent a shortened version of the PIP2 form to complete.  They may or may not have to undergo another medical assessment.  If the form is not completed, a reminder letter to return it will be issued.

It is important to check which of the two types of PIP award you have and act promptly to ensure that payments are not disrupted where you continue to meet the criteria for an award of Personal Independence Payment.

Please note: If your condition improves before the review date and you require less care and/or mobility assistance you must report this otherwise you could be overpaid and prosecuted.