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Mags O’Hare

Mags’ sister, Majella, who was 12, was murdered by the British army on the 14th of August 1976 as she walked to her local church with other children to take part in confessions.  Majella was the youngest in the family – she had four siblings. Majella’s father was cutting the grass in the church cemetery and ran to her assistance. Paratroopers then delayed a local nurse from coming to her aid.  The army claimed the soldier who shot Majella in the back was aiming at a gunman, but there is no evidence that such a figure was in the area, and no warning was shouted to the children. Mags was making a career in the Isle of Man but returned to live with her parents after Majella’s death.  Majella’s family continues to campaign for the truth and for an apology for the murder.